Can't play videos in Mull Browser since last update

Hi, ever since the April 6th update I have been having issues with playing videos, maybe 4 out of 10 will work but the rest I get " No video with supported format and MIME type found". I’ve had the same thing happen with Firefox but they seemingly fixed it in the update after its happened, I can play videos in Firefox which I can’t play in Mull so its not a device based issue. Any idea whats going on and how to fix? Thanks

Please try one of these workarounds: Broken - DivestOS Mobile

  • If audio/video content fails to play in private tabs navigate to about:config and change browser.privatebrowsing.forceMediaMemoryCache to false, this is however a privacy risk.
  • If you have issues playing some videos: navigate to about:config and change from true to false. This may reduce battery life.
  • Mull has stripped referrers. This often breaks loading of images on websites with hotlink protection. Navigate to about:config and change network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy from 2 to 1, this is however a privacy risk.
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Thank you, I will give them a try a report back

Please Follow these steps:

Clear Mull Browser’s cache and data.
Temporarily disable any extensions.
Try forcing Media Memory Cache might affect privacy
Open about:config in Mull → search for browser.privatebrowsing.forceMediaMemoryCache → set to false .

If none of these work, report the issue on the Mull issue tracker with details