Can't install updates for apps automatically with the priviledged extension

I’ve been using for some time the stock ROM on my Xiaomi Redmi 9 phone (MIUI12/A11). I rooted the device and installed Magisk. I also always install the F-Droid Privileged Extension module from the Magisk module repository. In the F-Droid app, some new option is presented in the Settings at the bottom (Privileged Extension), and it’s enabled by default. This is pretty much all what I had to do with the stock ROM to make F-Droid install updates automatically in the background.

I recently installed crDrdoid ROM (AOSP based, A11). I also rooted the phone with Magisk and installed F-Droid along with its extension from the Magisk module repository, but in this case something is apparently wrong. It looks like the extension doesn’t work at all. I only get notifications that some updates are available, and I have to manually install each one of them. So what’s wrong with it?

The privileged extension Magisk module description clearly implies that it doesn’t work on Android 11.

Being a fan of F-Droid Classic I had installed its privileged extension and successfully set required permission via adb. It also didn’t work. Its permissions were revoked according to AppManager.

Far as the recommendation, I don’t like Aurora Droid so I’ll stick with using the package installer for the time being.

But with the stock MIUI12/A11 the extension works well. It looks like it doesn’t work only for AOSP A11.

I’m going to try Aurora Droid and its services as it appears it’s working well.

Interesting. When I was on OxygenOS 11 I wasn’t rooted. When/If I ever go back to it I’ll see if it works there also.

The actual extension works fine on Android 11, not sure why the Magisk module one does not.

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Thanks. Did a little reading and saw that was the case. Cool.
I plan on switching ROMs today and will give it a try,

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