Can't install some APK get "unknow error"

I’m new here, tried to install Termux Tasker plugin, but get always the same “unknown error”.
It’s the same in old and new F-Droid application.
I think a root permission issue is possible because I have the root set in setting but
F-droid seems never show me root accept alert.
Hope someone help me…
Thanks a lot for your hard work, that’s great!

g900f Lineage os 7.1.2 Rooted

maybe a bad signing (for archived apps),
Check maybe the logs on your device with aLogCat for example.

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Thanks for you reply.
I have the solution

I have removed Termux Terminal emulator main application,
install Termux Tasker plugin first…
and in the second time install Terminal emulator more…
Now all work fine…