Can't Install apks without Playstore


I’m running Stock Android 9 Pie on a Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950F.

I’m using notSABS to get rid of Apps I don’t want to have running on my phone. But after deactivating Google Playstore I’m not able to install apk’s. Not just from F-Droid, the OS also won’t let me install from any Explorer/Finder/Browser App. When reactivating Google Playstore everything works as expected.

Does anybody know something about this behaviour?


If you remove the play store you need to install microg’s fake store.
The play store/Google services is as far as I understand is what actually installs apps. You might try using TWRP to install nanolx then add the nanolx and microg F-droid repos.

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It depends, what exactly do you disable? Play store is not needed per se, but will do the installing.

I only disabled, is still enabled.
I hoped to get around installing twrp, since it will trigger the knox e-fuse.

I’d like to see a logcat when you try to install and fails.

First Time I’m using adb, there is alot of stuff going on on logcat :hushed: :wink:
I ziped the log file and encrypted it because I’m not sure if there is anything personal inside:

I tried to install KISS Launcher via F-Droid

Find key below


I guess this is the important part…

I PersonaServiceHelper: installStageForKnox(user:0 installerUid:10044)
D PackageManager: START INSTALL PACKAGE: observer{193139879}
D PackageManager:           stagedDir{/data/app/vmdl1509916213.tmp}
D PackageManager:           stagedCid{null}
D PackageManager:           Request from{}
D PackageManager:           VerificationInfo{,originatingUid=10200,installerUid=10044}
I Layer   : id=15563 onRemoved AppWindowToken{5a368fb token=Token{eb17a8a ActivityRecord{db3acf5 u0 t319}}}#0 
D PackageManager: EAS IT Policy fr.neamar.kiss isPackageSignedByPlatform = false
I PackageManager: EAS IT Policy AllowList = ,,,
I PackageManager: isAppBlockedByDPM?? = false
D PackageManager: sendBroadcastAsUser. PACKAGE_INSTALL_STARTED
D PackageManager: EAS IT Policy fr.neamar.kiss isPackageSignedByPlatform = false
I HarmonyEASService: Updating for all 1
W PackageManager: missing codepath
D PackageManager: result of install: -2{193139879}

Are you in a Knox workspace? Are you on a managed system say Android Work ?

No I’m neither using Knox workspace or Android Work.

I’m testing a managed system with Google Play hidden/blocked on a Samsung with Android 9 and I get the same issue, getting an error with “missing codepath”. If I unblock Google Play, it can install apps again. I’m not sure what changed with Pie to cause this.

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