Can't install APKs from the Download Manager dropdown when I download APKs using Lightning browser

Lightning browser is my favorite and main browser because I like the ad block and image block. Unfortunately I can’t install APKs by touching them in the Download Manager dropdown. I can do this in other browsers, just not Lightning. Here’s a screenshot of what isn’t working this time. Thanks for making a great browser though, and thanks in advance for any assistance.

Edit: Stupidly forgot to add the screenshot.

Can you install from the F-Droid Client?

Android 8? You should have been asked to give F-Droid client the permission to install apps for you.

Thanks for your reply. I chose to install the Lightning APK by itself from the official website instead of installing the F-Droid client. And I gave Lightning the permissions it needed. I just checked the app permissions on my phone too, but I don’t see anything for Lightning that I might need to change.

When you install an APK, the you install FROM, eg. browser needs to have the “install” permission. This is not a F-Droid issue.

People on reddit were saying to only download Lightning from the F-Droid site so I thought F-Droid was the creator. I don’t know who made this but Sorry. I came to post another screenshot to show thete is no “install” permission to select or change but I guess there’s no need to do that…

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