Can't add an changelog description - fdroid repo fdroidserver

Hello there,
I try to create an changelog for my app repo. Now I added the following to my fdroid/metadata/

Name: "Test"
Summary: "Secure and private app."
Description: |
  A beta app focused on privacy and security.
AuthorName: "Leon Petter"
Changelog: "changelogs/en/changelog.txt"

the changelog is in the folder fdroid/changelogs.
Now, when I do an fdroid update --create-metadata the following error appears:
CRITICAL: 'changelogs/en/changelog.txt' is not a valid HTTP link in Regex pattern: ^http[s]?://

I don’t understand the error above. Why should it be an http link? I tought it need to be an textfile.
Please could someone help me?

Thank you

As the error says, you serve the changelog via a link… it needs to be a link https://..., not a local file

Thank you for your answer.
Now I can see it, but I am sorry, I meant the “what’s new” section inside the description. Do you have any info about that and how to create it? Thanks and sorry for my misunderstanding.

That works via Fastlane structures (see my Fastlane Cheat Sheet for guidance). Assuming you’re talking about your own repo, those changelogs would be inside metadata/<versionCode>.txt (replace <versionCode> with the versionCode of the release they refer to and make sure the file holds no more than 500 chars; everything beyond that would be truncated).

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