Cannot use 'fdroid init' on Windows 10 bash

Hello people,

I am trying to get my application on FDroid. The problem is, I don’t know how to do that.

So, I followed instruction on the GitLab fdroid repos and tried to do it on my own without bothering anyone.

My problem: I have a folder named FDroid and in it, I have cloned ‘fdroidserver’ and ‘fdroiddata’ as instructed. I changed the directory to ‘fdroidata’ and tried to run "fdroid init " command. The Git Bash gives me an error saying “fdroid: command not found”.

Can someone please help? Thank You.

While in fdroiddata try: ../fdroidserver/fdroid init as the fdroid program comes with the server…

It’s saying:
/use/bin/env: python3 : no such file in the directory

install python3 c’mon

Did you try the Windows instructions?

We welcome feedback on how those work for Windows users

Running sudo apt-get install fdroidserver in a bash window should get you somewhere, if that doesn’t work, try reading the instructions I posted before, and providing more detail

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