Cannot install Vlc

Good afternoon:

I wanted to report a possible bug in the latest Vlc version of fdroid.

The latest version does not install. On the other hand the previous version without problems.

This happens on a Samsung S9+ from the web or from the fdroid application. And on a Oneplus 8 Pro.

A hug and thanks for your time


Please make sure you install APK with the version code of 13040407 (for arm64). If it still fails to install, post logcat.

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Good afternoon @relan

Thank you very much for your help.

The funny thing is that from the fdroid app itself did not allow me to install the suggested one. It gave failure

In the end in the s9+ I managed to install it. The other even I have to look at it.

Millions of thanks for your help and time

Another rather great app you can add to your toolbox is:

mpv-android (Listen to music and watch videos) -

I find myself using this all the time. Short press the speed button to change speeds. Long-press for finer control. Treats audio files like video files too, when it comes to seeking within a file, unlike VLC. Also shows the video image when quickly seeking through a file visially. MPV is a very nice app.

mpv-android + youtube-dl is even better.

Hopefully someday the necessary work will be done so that it can be included in F-Droid, since the youtube-dl executable is downloaded from the developer’s server.

Note FWIW to any who care about their app consumption pipelines:

VLC is developed on a self-hosted gitlab, which has a free license IIUC; however, mpv-android and youtube-dl are on microsoft github, which is a proprietary non-free net “service”.

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