Cannot install/uninstall apps part deux

Posting a new thread because I cannot reply to the last one because it is considered “solved”. Multiple times now F-droid has suddenly decided that I have dozens of extra apps installed that are not installed, generally near the end of the alphabet. All these apps say “No versions with compatible signature found” and none has an icon. I cannot uninstall them because they are not installed. Clearing F-droid’s app data fixes the problem temporarily at the cost of my having to reconfigure the app, reenter the two third party repos I use, etc, so this is obviously super inconvenient.

I’m using MicroG+LineageOS on a Nexus 5x. Please help me avoid having to continually wipe and reconfigure F-droid!

Did you try the solution from the other topic?

Yes, repeatedly. Though for me simply clearing the app data works, for a while. The problem in the other topic was, AIUI, that it happened once, not that it kept returning.

There seems to be something confusing F-Droid into thinking a bunch of apps are installed that aren’t. I suspect it happens during upgrade or during repository update. I wonder if MicroG’s signature spoofing is confusing it?

It’s this issue:

Basically it believes those are installed but they’re not, blocking you to install them, from the client.

Use the website to download and install the APK, until it’s fixed.


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