Cannot install/uninstall apps

I have a problem with managing apps in F-Droid.
There are a lot of them which I can’t install because F-Droid App tells me that I have them already - which isn’t the truth.

There’s information that there’s no version with compatible signature, and that I need to uninstall them first to get them from F-Droid. (I get that - since they are signed with different sig - that’s not the problem)
But I cant do it - those apps are greyed out on the F-Droid App list and there’s no uninstall button. And since I have never installed them - they are not listed in system apps list in the first place.
This occurs whether Google Play Store / Services are enabled or not.
The phone is freshly rooted Galaxy Note 5 N9200 HK.

Thanks in advance for every answer.

Which apps are concerned?
Could it be they are pre-installed by the system but hidden from the apps list?

frozenbubble level editor
k9 material
net monitor
simple thankyou
theitalian said
the knights of aletejo
the light
theia icon theme

like 100-something other starting from letters T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z,

ether remote
chinese weather
arabic todo list

I think that’s highly unlikely to have all of them preinstalled in vanilla device.
Things like xposed, yalp store, tinc, xserver, wlanscanner, ethereum wallet, wake-on-lan, vespucci, unifiedNlp (no GAPPS), and many others.

Those apps are not listed in system list, and I can’t locate any trace of them in file system.

Android 6.0.1
kernel 3.10.61


That’s strange. :confused:
Did you try clearing F-Droid’s app data in the system settings?

Thanks for the tip paulakreuzer!

I’ve found the solution:

  1. Clear app data
  2. Uninstall F-Droid
  3. Clear app data again
  4. Install F-Droid

Also the problematic apps didn’t have icons displayed in F-Droid App.
Unfortunately clearing cache and app data did not worked - reinstall is required.
Freshly installed FD app find only apps that I have installed manually.

Case close I pursume.
Thanks again.

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