Can update apps, but not F-Droid (V 1.16.3, Android 12)

When I open F-Droid, it says it has an update for the F-Droid app itself. When I go to the details screen where I have the choice to remove or update it and tab on “Update”, it says “not installed”. According to the details page, the last successful update was 2 months ago.

I’ve checked permissions (all are granted) and temporarily disabled NetGuard.

With an older version quite some time ago, I already had this problem, and I removed an reinstalled F-Droid. But if I remember correctly, this broke the kink between F-Droid and the apps installed by it, disabling their updates, and I had to remove and reinstall them also. This is not an option anymore, because now I have more apps installed as back then and I don’t want to lose their data.

I need some advice to troubleshoot, maybe there is a way to get more detailed diagnostic information, but I could not find it.

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Latest is 1.17.0, so, can you look in Settings - Repos - F-Droid? What does it say for “last update” fields?

Did you setup autoupdate? Did you try to pull-to-update in the latest or updates screens?

There’s no such “link”, F-Droid updates whatever apps it knows about

that’s not needed, pls don’t uninstall any app!

Well, I currently don’t have the latest installed (see title), and I could not find this info in the settings of my current version 1.16.3. I’d like to check as many things as possible before removing the F-Droid app which currently seems to be necessary to do a fully manual update.

I’m not sure. My F-Droid is in German, and maybe I did not find it because of the translation. Usually I do updates manually.

Interesting … does this mean that if I installed an app from Google appstore and somewhat later it’s also on F-Droid, F-Droid can update it?

However … I really like to find out why the update fails so it won’t happen on the next version again. As I wrote, I had such a problem already earlier.

No, of course not.
“F-Droid updates whatever apps it knows about” would mean apps from F-Droid repositories. Anything else would be ignored / unknown.

A lot of apps are both in Play and F-Droid.

IF (big IF) the app is build reproducible, hundreds are already, they can even be updated from F-Droid. eg. Briar

Let me repeat myself then: “Settings - Manage Repos - F-Droid - ???”

Make a picture :slight_smile:

Oh, I found it. I looked at the wrong place … in the “local pakage sources” section, but it’s right on top.

My settings are:

  • F-Droid Archive
  • F-Droid
  • Guardian Project Archive
  • Guardian Project

Great… now “touch F-Droid” and… “What does it say for “last update” fields?”

I’ve found a solution by accident. There are two ways to get to the “Details” page I mentioned earlier:

  1. “Tasks” (bell icon) → enable “Show apps” → tap on “F-Droid”
  2. “Settings” (cog icon) → “Manage installed Apps” → tap on “F-Droid”

Both lead to the (seemingly) same screen with info about the “F-Droid” app and an “Update” button.
Click path 1. does not work, 2. does. So far I’ve updated all of my apps (including F-Droid) via path 1.
Seems a bit strange to me, but at least I’ve got it working now. I’ll have an eye on it on the next update, and if this behavior reoccurs, I will file a bug at F-Droid.

That’s translated as “tasks” ? It should be “Updates”

It’s deliberately translated as “tasks”. In English, “updates” is a synonym for both app updates and news updates (like vulnerabilities). In German, you can have only one of them, or select a new word. See The (German) "Update" confusion - Titles must be exchanged (#1785) · Issues · F-Droid / Client · GitLab

main_menu__updates is what shows in the Bottom Bar, and that should be “Aufgaben” since that is the more general term. updates is what is used in the Settings, and that should be “Aktualizierungen”.

I don’t konw how it’s named in the english version. Mine is german, there it’s named “Aufgaben” and I’ve translated it to my best knowledge. I thought “Tasks” would be the closest.

Excuse me, but if the translation confuses you German speakers maybe it should be changed? :slight_smile:

It was confusing before, since it got renamed no one reported it being confusing

Actually I always thought “Aufgaben” was some mistake or at least unclear translation. But I never checked Weblate or the source string. I just accepted and learned that “Aufgaben” is where I find the updates.

To be honest, even after having read the linked issue I don’t fully get why it is called “Aufgaben”. Does this screen double also for showing news messages? Or was it just because of the limited space in the UI?

Yes, it does show messages about vulnerabilities, for example

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Thanks for the update. That makes a lot of sense then. The naming is a bit confusing, but I also see how it is less confusing then before. Given the limited UI space it is a rather effective solution I think, at least as a user you pay attention to that tab.

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