Can I use Retrofit in my app?

I would know if I can use Retrofit in my app and if F-droid is compatible with that library :smile:
I’m using Volley now, but I would like changing to Retrofit if it’s possible.

If it’s open source, and it’s deps are too… then yes…

Its license is Apache 2.0, but it’s copyrighted.

It that available in the trusted (by F-Droid) maven repos: ?

I don’t think … I can’t find it there, so I guess it’s not allowed :smile:

Not allowed…from other repos. But allowed to be build before/during the app building process.

1 Like – is the library in question among those? If so, it’s available on Maven Central and can be used by apps on F-Droid.

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Uh, I didn’t see it. Thanks!

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