Can I update app from github will it be safe?

In a way i trust fdroid more than downloading from github (I only have to trust 1 most reputable foss distributor reather than many dev). Even though we have fdroid maintainer working hard app updates get delayed, and this can comprosmise security. App update delayed for 1 to 7 days is not that problematic but some time it taking a lot of time. Nekox and vlc haven’t been updated for many days or month (if there any problem or error for these then please inform me). So can i update those unpdated app from dev source for downloading.

Examples please? I keep hearing this but besides “oh youtube no workie” no one steps up with actual proof.

Which Gitlab issue or GIthub issue?

The recipe has changed, upstream does not help, lend a hand if you can: Draft: VLC update & UCM (!11414) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

I am noob so how can i help, i can only test the app you will build

There’s no stable version released yet: Tags · NekoX-Dev/NekoX · GitHub

Newpipe was updated 4 days ago to v0.23.2 and it is still v0.23.1 in f-droid. Right now the app does not work.

As usual Google changed something, so it’s better to use upstream repo (backup/uninstall/install from their repo/restore settings): NewPipe - a free YouTube client

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Do note that NewPipe is updated in F-Droid already, in F-Droid Client just pull-to-refresh.