Can I delete f-droid once AdAway is installed?

Happy end of 2020
I download the F-Droid app so I could install AdAway app.
Now that I have installed the AdAway app can I uninstall F-Droid and still get AdAway updates?

If you uninstall f-droid you can not receive automatic updates. Anyway you can install adaway directly from github (https:/github.comAdAwayAdAway) and enable the option to check for updates periodically and then update the app from github. That can be done also with the f-droid version but in this case you need to update the app from the f-droid site (or app) because the signing key for the app is different from the github version.


Thank u for that😀

Short answer: YES. You can uninstall (you don’t even need to install it in the first place) it if you don’t want another store app on your device.

F-Droid is a store app like Google Play Store. It makes it easier to find and install apps, update apps, etc.

If you have it installed, it will automatically check for and install app updates for you. Else, you will have to manually check and update apps (that you have downloaded from f-droid site). Not a big deal though.

Thank you.
Question now is why does my AdAway app say
Ad-blocker VPN starting?
Once started shouldnt it just say running or something ?
Thank you

How does it work? root or local vpn?

I did root

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