Can "fdroid update" search apps in subdirs?

I want to use fdroid to update some tablets with special apps (without google playstore login). As my client downloads the .apk files to subdirs (each .apk in its own subdir with icon) it would be nice if fdroid was able to find apk files in these subdirs without moving them one by one to one directory. Is this possible? I didn’t find any option in so far.

fdroid update is meant for maintaining files in the single, standard repo filesystem layout. We use a fixed layout to keep the code maintainable and secure. For your specific use case, I’d write a quick script to map your directory layout to the fdroid one. For example, you could do it with hard links so that you’re not duplicating the files.

Hi. Ok … my idea was to use a simple symlink of the client to …/fdroid/< apps> … but if I have to work with hardlinks in this case it’s possible, too.

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