Camera App(s) error at important moment

long story short

camera app(s) failed/errored multiple times as i tried to video record two strangers approaching my private property. i downloaded multiple camera apps from f-droid and they all failed as i tried to record. Permissions for microphone, camera, storage were active/on. Either the camera or microphone would glitch on any app.

after about an hour, strangers gone, the default camera app starts working. no uninstall, reinstall, clear cache. i suspect hackers?

what will stop this from happening again? is it possible to ensure smartphone camera apps are secure?

here are some screenshots of errors

Long stort short…

Strangers approach my private property unexpectedly and harass/disturb me. I grab my smart phone (android) and press camera hardware button > video record … and the app instantly errors and fails, multiple times. I wait till the strangers leave, then i install FreeDCam and simple camera from fdroid, both of those apps error as well. Either microphone didnt work or ir crashes completely anytime i open. i don’t believe in coincidence… very strange the camera app failed as strangera approached. the camera app has never done that before, thou9gh i did not use it in important situations. i suspect hacking?

What do i do to ensure my camera does not fail next time? Is it possible to even secure smartphones these days?

Logcat with the error? Software is full of bugs…

Just curious: Did you also try a phone reboot (to clear non-persistent mess up)?

Yes i did reboot the phone

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