Calling all Translators! New project to streamline translation process

If you start an #fdroid-translation irc channel on Freenode, it’ll be available to Matrix users automatically, and those who don’t want to deal with Matrix can use irc.

Which component is #TWIF? There’s no “News” component on Weblate.

@mesnevi, #TWIF, as well as the other news, is located at website posts section.

@HenriDellal thank you! Ah, I see why I failed to find a proper component (thought it was because eating too much candies made me blind): it doesn’t have Russian language enabled, so it’s not listed in “Components” for Russian.

#twif is part of the Weblate component “posts” = “News” on F-Droid website

like other translators said, I’m very happy with Weblate. It’s definitely better if compared with websites like Crowdin, Transifex or Launchpad. I only have two suggestions:

1 - adding the possibility to use Apertium’s engine in Weblate to get suggested machine translations, like you can get in OmegaT for some supported languages (ex. Sardinian)

2 - Launchpad seems to have a way to suggest translations using a TM generated automatically from strings in various github projects. For example, when translating Ubuntu programs I get suggestions from Exaile, a media player that I translated in Sardinian some time ago using not Launchpad but Weblate. I don’t know how they got those strings automatically in their translation memory. Adding something like that to Weblate would be a great thing, since it would allow us to get a lot more useful suggestions.

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Above questions are more to ask to Weblate dev Team than here to f-droid community trying to improve its translation process.

Weblate already have “automatic translation engines” and for instance recently added support for Amazon Translate (see:, you can suggest them to support your favorite Engine.

Actually, I have a suggestion!

Right now, after new content has been added to the website, there is an undocumented second step to update the translations, which also needs to be commited to the repository.

It would be great if this could be automated, so it cannot be forgotten, content authors can focus on writing good content, and content becomes available for translation asap.

yeah, automating the translation sync process of the website is a primary goal of this funding.

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I’ve added my suggestion here, with a minimal example explaining how it might look in this repo. In general, we should be automatically:

  • Scrapping all the screens within the F-Droid client.
  • Finding any English strings in there.
  • Annotating the screenshot with any English strings that we found.
  • Uploading that screenshot to Weblate for context, so translators can see exactly where a particular string is used within the app so that they can translate appropriately.

Such a toolchain would be beneficial to any other Android apps wanting to improve their translation workflow also.


Ok, I can announce the first improvement to this workflow: hourly rebuilds of If you are translating the website, the build process will check for updates once an hour.


Works great! I’m in doubt if such high frequency was really needed as Weblate syncs only once a day, but anyway.
Now I wish for regular feeding of Weblate with new strings not only from time to time.
And what I do not understand is why export from Weblate to works fluently while sync between staging and official site is sluggish. What’s the basically difference? Where are the hurdles?

The main site hosts the F-Droid APK and other security-sensitive content. Therefore, changes need to be manually reviewed, and then tagged with a GPG-signed tag before they can go live.

The official website deploy is also done on a hardened setup, which is more limited in resources.

As for the frequency that is rebuilt, the deploy process checks for changes, and only deploys if there is something new. It is not rebuilding every hour.

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You can sort by these filter as o of now :slight_smile:

But you’ll read Matrix messages instead… RLY?

Matrix has everything properly formatted and categorized so yes

Wouldn’t it be better if we rather donated to weblate and agreed on getting all the premium features, we will also get more exposure on

As far as I understand it, we already do have the required premium features for
setting up roles with specific rights.

Then let’s start with approving well established translators special rights. Get a translator to take on the maintenance on weblate to an extent.

When adding a german translation, I sometimes missed a screenshot of the UI. When there is a short, english string that has two reasonable translations it is important to see the surrounding UI. It would be nice, if it is supported to upload screenshots of the app and connect the screenshot to several strings and vice versa. The version string(s) (1.04a-1.9) of the app could be associated. supports marking positions in a picture in a browser.

Even crazier would be, if the english text would be removed from the picture and the translation appears in the picture.

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