Call for Help: Mobile App Accessibility Survey

Hello Everyone,

I am a computer science master student currently pursing master thesis on Automated Accessibility testing of Android Applications. I shall be highly obliged if you could please help me gain insight into a Developer’s perspective on ‘Accessibility in Mobile Applications’ by taking a small survey to support my thesis. It should only take 2-3 minutes to complete.

Your time and response is highly appreciated.
Much Thanks!
Tanshi Pradhan

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Just my opinion… You only joined a few hours ago to spam with a survey. (Joined 10 hrs ago. -then- Read 2m) Just my opinion. But just for you, I did take the survey.

Hello david,

Thank you so much for taking the survey. I have been active on the F-droid community from a very long time but I was unaware the we need to be logged in to post. I had no intentions of spamming. Apologies if you felt that way.

Best Regards,

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You’re fine.
I live on F-Droid. When I see an unread post, I rush to read it. At my age the last post I read may be the last post I read.
I’ve read a few more since taking your survey. So I’m good!


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