Calendar synchronisation

Hi everybody,

simple question (hopefully🤔):
I’m using the simple calendar app from simplemobiletools, installed via f-droid on my mobile and on my tablet.

Is there a chance to synchronize the two calendars? Meaning, if I add a date to the calendar on the phone, it can be transferred to the tablet and vv.

Thanks, M. :+1:

I would suggest using DAVx⁵ for it, although you will need some service providing a CalDAV server then. This could be a Nextcloud or some dedicated server like Radicale v3 Documentation

If you don’t want to rely on an external service, DecSync CC is an option that piggybacks off of Syncthing. Although I think it may have issues where technically any app with storage access could read the directory.

The enabled contacts/calendars/tasks are stored in the corresponding Android content providers, which makes them available for other apps with the appropriate permissions. Furthermore, the enabled contacts/calendars/tasks are also synchronized with the selected DecSync directory, which makes them also available for other apps with access to this directory.

There is also EteSync, but I think development on it has slowed?



THAT’S what I was looking for! :clap:


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