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In my search for an offline calendar with notifications it seems that all those in F-droid want permission to send “emails to guests” and to “access my location”. Why would those permissions be wanted, and what would be the effect on calendar function be if I denied them?

At present I use Simple Calendar Pro which would be ideal if reminders were not limited to the day of entry.

Just guessing here.

“access my location” could be needed to get your current timezone right.

“emails to guest” might be needed for notifications via email. But more likely it is needed to send invitations/ics-files for meetings to other participants.

Your guess matched mine regarding email to guest permission, so I can happily deny it.

Location permission is not needed by Simple Calendar Pro to get the time right, so I am suspicious that other calendar applications want it, hence my question. In the absence of certain knowledge from other contributors I guess I will have to experiment with denial.

Location is needed for TZ, Holiday Lists (based on location other than manually selected ones), Weather (probably afair). You can deny without any issues.

When setting an event in a calendar there is sometimes a Location field where one can enter the address of where an event occurs. For the standard Android Calendar and Etar that will become a link to be opened by a map app. They have no location permission.

Maybe a calendar app with that permission can display maps internally or something. If not it shouldn’t really need location permissions.
Oops, the aforementioned weather feature, if present, would require it of course.

As far as the time thing goes, wouldn’t / shouldn’t that be obtained from the system?

Thank you. I shall try Etar with permissions denied for those features I shall not be using such as weather, maps, emails etc. As many in fact as I can get away with, since all I want from the calendar is what a paper calendar provides plus timed reminders of approaching appointments.

apps can see timezone and MCC/MNC without location permission.

which ones?

Etar for example.

But while checking that out I noticed that “send email to guest” is actually not the full text of the required permission. The full text (roughly translated from the german version) is “add entries to calendars without the knowledge of the user and send emails to guests”.

I think it might be more critical to deny THAT permission. Looks like something you need for any syncing finctionality.

So my guess was wrong.

Thank you

Sadly Etar did not remind me of an appointment in my test so it is no better than Simple Calendar Pro. Furthermore it can not import calendar data from the file manager. (I was so pleased with myself for discovering how to export such data from Simple Calendar Pro.) Etar is now gone from the phone.

That is odd. Etar works flawlessly and gives all reminders and notifications.

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On my phone all alarm/timer Apps that I tried fail to work reliably except the vendor clock App. Might be a similar issue.

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