Calendar app without e.g. the need to read my contacts?

I was searching f-droid for a calendar that doesn’t require the read your contacts permission. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any maintained calendar that doesn’t require access to say e.g. my contacts or Google Calendar. The best I found is ws.xsoh.etar, but it also requires read your contacts. Is there any calendar app that doesn’t require such permissions? I don’t require all kinds of features like contacts invitation and such, just my local personal offline calendar only that is maintained (org.sufficientlysecure.localcalendar is officially unmaintained). Is there such a simple maintained calendar app?

PS: While searching f-droid for a calendar app, the search lists just the app names without the ability to sort by e.g. lastly updated and one gets presented with apps that are many years old and unmaintained.

It’s just up to you. You can deny the “Read Contacts” permission if you don’t want it to read them.

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After a new install, Etar asks for Read calendar events and details (looks like it asks to read its own events and details, weird), which I allow, then it asks for Files and Media access, which I allow. Then I try to create an entry, deny read your contacts access (like you suggested), enter a titlename, but after clicking Done, no entry is being created.

Simple Calendar

Requires read your contacts.

When I think about it, a calendar app typically needs the ability to invite people/read your contacts permission, so what I probably need instead is something even simpler, like a To-do/reminder/tasks app instead (of course with the fewest permissions possible and obviously no internet/contacts/network permissions required).

Ok, already shows me several apps that look like what I’m searching for, so I’m marking my question as solved.

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