Button for F-Droid update?

I have one of those portable projectors, which has some (possibly limited) Android 9 version.

F-droid 1.11 installs and runs fine on this device, no problem there.

However, there is only one problem - on a regular smartphone, when I’m on the update tab, if I want to check for updates, I have to “drag from the top” to initiate a check for updates - which works fine.

Here, however, I do not have access to the gesture - I either can use a remote, with 4 arrow buttons and OK, which can be either used in Mouse mode (a mouse pointer appears, and can be moved with arrow keys, OK is a press) - or what I’d call Tab mode (there is no mouse pointer, arrow keys tab to the next clickable button, OK is a press). There is also a touch interface on the projector itself - but it does the exact same two modes, it is impossible to click+drag+hold downwards.

So I was wondering - is there a way to initiate for check for updates for F-Droid, besides using the default “drag downwards” gesture; for instance, by clicking a button somewhere?

In settings, automatic update interval, set to every 2 weeks, weekly, daily, 12 hours, 4 hours, or hourly. Assuming you can manipulate/tap it somehow.

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Many thanks @justsomeguy :

I can get to that menu, so that is fine - the problem is, I am not getting any sort of feedback (and I cannot find any “update” log - when an update has run, whether server was online, if updates were found but were not relevant etc), so I am never sure when it runs.

I managed to do a workaround like this:

As per https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2604727/how-can-i-connect-to-android-with-adb-over-tcp , make two scripts in Script Editor: the first one (“start”) with this line as content:

su -c "setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555; stop adbd; start adbd"

… the second one (“stop”) with this line as content:

su -c "setprop service.adb.tcp.port -1; stop adbd"

Run the “start” script from Script Manager.

Then, on your PC download this software, which will allow a remote desktop connection with the Android device, instead of using VNC:

I got it for Windows, and in it, it has its own adb.exe. From the command line, go to that directory, and run:

adb.exe devices -l

… so the adb server starts on local machine, and then:

adb.exe connect 10.0.XXX.YYY:5555

… where 10.0.XXX.YYY is the local IP address of the device. You should get the USB debugging prompt on the device, allow it. After that try:

adb.exe shell getprop ro.product.model

… if you get the model of your device, the wifi adb connection is succesful.

Then, you can run scrcpy-console.bat - and you should get a remote desktop connection with the Android device on your PC.

The good thing with this remote connection, is that it replicates the click-drag motion of the mouse in the Update tab of F-Droid, so you can “tap-drag” the top of the screen, to trigger the manual update, as on a smartphone - and even if this approach is a bit convoluted, it works for me …

You can toggle the repo off then on :wink:

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