Builds delay problems with app

Hi everybody,
I’m posting this on behalf of the whole team behind the app BusTO (it.reyboz.bustorino). We have just published a new version last Wednesday night, and I was checking on the available pages on fdroid wiki signs of the build process getting going.
Now, if I check the lastbuild page, , it says that the last build is the version code 23 and it finished successfully. But on the wiki page for the app,, the latest build indicated is the version code 22. Furthermore the new version of the app is not appearing on F-Droid. Is there something wrong here?

The apps are signed and published in bulk once all of them are build.

Your app was build yes, it will appear at the next index update (today I hope),

Scroll down below, see last update of the page.

Thanks for the quick reply and the explanation. How often are these index update made? Just for curiosity.

Whenever humanly possible. :slight_smile:

Refresh your index now :wink:

I can see the update now. Thanks for the explanation!

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