Building Apps with AndroidJS

AndroidJS for Building FDroid Apps. Building WebApp with uncompressed JS CSS files allows to check if anti features are incorporated in Open Source code on github. Nevertheless the build process of the APK could integrate anti-features in the APK that violates Open Source philosophy of FDroid. Does AndroidJS comply with that OpenSource requirements and constraints of FDroid repositories or do you recommend other build chains to create WebApp for FDroid?

Judging from that their “sdk” is basically a big chunk of proprietary/decompiled java code I don’t think it will be possible to add such an app to the repo.

Also: the overall code quality of this project is IMHO quite bad. Just from a short glance: they are for example generating XML by hand instead of using a proper generator

I wouldn’t recommend to use it. Better stick with things like react native if you really want to develop JS based apps on Android or even better just write a native app :wink:

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Thank you for your recommendation, then I would not use AndroidJS as an option. Was just an easy build workflow from given WebViews. Would be great to have a trusted wrapper app repo for FDroid, copy the webviews into a subdirectory, define the used and required API for the webapp and then build it.
For Open Source transparency the JS HTML of the webviews are not the problem, So I see it were the binaries injected the build APK.

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