Build timeout for com.controlloid

Hey there.
Inspecting the build server logs, I’ve noticed that the build for the latest version of this app failed due to timeout (2h from what I know). Check here:

From my experiments on my local build server, the build didn’t exceed 45m - 1h. I don’t have access right now at my machine and the build server configuration, but I’ll post it here as soon as possible. I’ll also try to configure it as the official build server (2 CPUs and 10GB memory) and run the build again locally.

But, I’ve got one question: where can I see the full log of the build? Because on the link above I can only see that the build started and I can’t see where it stopped exactly. With timestamps it would be even nicer.

Thanks for your time. -> but there isn’t that much info

Thanks for the link, but it contains the same information as the build server activity link I’ve attached. I’ve thought that the log presented there is just a striped down version of the full log, but apparently that’s the full log. Perhaps because the build command runs without the verbosity flag, right?
In the meantime, I’ve tried to set up a build server with the same configuration as the official one (10000MB ram and 2 CPUs) and the build didn’t exceed the default timeout (it took about 1 hour and a few minutes), but I think that internet speed is a significant factor too (downloading lots of packages for the build).
After a small research I’ve discovered that I can increase this timeout and I’ve made a merge request with this.

“… is a small Android application…”
22+ megabytes! :scream:

And builds 1+hours! Oh!

Sorry for offtopic.

The last build took about 3+ hours :laughing:. But, at least now it’s smaller (around 13 MiB).
React native comes with some drawbacks, before it was large APK size, now it’s a lengthy build process to squeeze that size (and some pre-compiled binaries that must be built from source to actually squeeze the size and comply to the open source policy of fdroid). And also some degree of instability :partying_face:.
If I knew Java for Android, both the size and the build time would have probably been drastically reduced.

@ildar The build server VM is limited to 2 cores, look at OMW Nightly or OpenMW or Fennec, then you’ll cry :))

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