Build pipeline for new app

I’m trying to add an app to the data repository for inclusion. I’ve forked the data directory, added my build YML file but the build pipeline in gitlab keeps giving me errors. I created a new issue but haven’t seen much traction there. Hoping someone here might have some insight to what I can do. More information is here: New submission help (#2730) · Issues · F-Droid / Requests For Packaging · GitLab

But to sum it up, the NDK build part is failing to build with this error:
2024-04-26 21:07:15,295 DEBUG: > ndk-build -j1
Android NDK: Could not find application project directory !
Android NDK: Please define the NDK_PROJECT_PATH variable to point to it.
/opt/android-sdk/ndk/25.1.8937393/build/core/ *** Android NDK: Aborting . Stop.
2024-04-26 21:07:15,496 ERROR: Could not build app com.eanema.graph89: NDK build failed for com.eanema.graph89:1.1.7

The YML in my fork is here:

and the app is located here:

Any input/suggestions would be helpful

open a MR instead, with that yml: Merge requests · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

what does ndk-build do exactly?

You think I should just make a merge request with a broken YML file?

NDK which stands for Native Development Kit is a set of tools or a toolset that will allow us to use C/C++ in our Android Application

yes, so we can fix it :slight_smile:

I didn’t ask what it is, but what does it do for you :slight_smile: we rarely see it being called directly

lol ok, well this app uses a bunch of C libraries for emulating TI calcs which is the core of the app’s functionality.

I figured submitting a merge request with a broken build pipeline is a surefire way to get ignored… but I can submit a request and hope for the best.