Build metadata - how to build special app flavour?


i’ve made a special app flavour via the buildTypes section of the build.gradle for my app. Before it was “release” and now it’s “gplay” and “fdroid”.

The fdroid metadata seems to only build “release” via the cmd “gradlew assembleRelease”. Is there an option where I could specify I’d like to build “fdroid” (assembleFdroid) instead?



assembleFdroidRelease did not worK?


Where in the metadata do I need to specify this? In Gradle, I already know the correct cmd line.

build.gradle eg.

@Licaon_Kter maybe add the corresponding metadata file:

  - versionName: 2.8.9+fcr
    versionCode: 395
    commit: 2.8.9
      - conversationsFreeCompat


Thank you :-). This brought me to the idea to make the changes between buildtypes visible through the versionnamesuffix. Will keep the release build process for fdroid like before then. At some point I intended to change the package name to end in fdroid but that’s causing too much pity forb users.

Why bother with the suffix? You could just add one to the version name (careful to not break autoupdate :))

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