Build log for failing build

The latest build of my app failed, but I cannot find the build log to analyze the issue.

  • Metadata here (I see that the commit ID was added by checkupdates instead of the tag.
  • Build log here (it mentions that failed, but I cannot find a link to a more detailed log).

Can anyone help me to understand where I can find a detail log for the build task?

Thanks in advance!

Looks like the common Java 11 issue. This was discussed in:

I think Linsui sometimes edits the metadata for apps that have failed builds resulting from this issue so that the apps build successfully next time.

Thank you @mpardo!
I do not have CI set for my app. Do you have any suggestion or other app example to update the script in the metadata yml file?

As I understand it (maybe incorrectly), the following needs to be added to the most recent release in the metadata file:

  - apt-get update || apt-get update
  - apt-get install -y openjdk-11-jdk-headless
  - update-alternatives --auto java

Here is an example recently edited and merge requested:


That’s correct!

Is editing the metadata all that is needed or does there also need to be a new release (even if there is no changes to the source code)?

Just editing of the metadata.
Only that for already build releases, the metadata should not be changed.

The wiki is deprecated in favor for F-Droid Monitor.

Your full build log is here:

The issue is indeed just Gradle wanting a newer version of Java. I see you made, I just merged it because it’s the correct fix :slight_smile:

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