Build failing with `could not find gradle` error

Based on the latest buildlog for Privacy Browser, it appears that the build server is missing the Android Gradle plugin 3.0.0.

Could not find

What is the process for getting this added?

PS. It is probably obvious to everyone, but there is a distinction between the Android Gradle plugin and Gradle itself.

This has nothing to do with buildserver. Android Gradle plugin 3.0.0 is distributed via Google Maven, so apps should add it into their build.gradle, see:

Android Studio silently fixes this up, so many developers didn’t notice this change.

If you will look at the source code for the Privacy Browser 2.7.1 release, you will see that I have already followed the instructions you link to, although for the 2.8 release I am going to switch back to the older syntax because Android Studio complained it couldn’t find the 3.0.1 Gradle plugin with the google() syntax and recommended:

maven {
    url ''

Also, see this feature request that was supposed to add support for this, but apparently hasn’t in all cases.

The documentation I linked to previously is incomplete. This page has better instructions and shows that google() must be listed in both the buildscript and allprojects sections of the build.gradle file:

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