Build error: No hash for gradle version

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the latest build for version 1.0.0 of my application Léon failed with

No hash for gradle version 7.5

This type of error seems to occur now and then when the hashes of new Gradle versions are not yet updated. The hash for Gradle 7.5 was added one week ago. How do I find out if the build server was already updated with the latest hashes and how do I restart the build for 1.0.0 without having to create a new tag or commit?

Thanks for your help!

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Look at fdroidserver version here? running - F-Droid Monitor

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Don’t worry about this, failed builds that are not explicitly disabled by the F-Droid team will automatically be retried next build cycle, no steps necessary from your side :slight_smile:


Thanks. That’s reassuring :blush:

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After a few retries the build still fails with the same error message :cry: Could someone kindly verify if the build server was updated with the latest Gradle hashes? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Just an update, someone pinged the person who maintains the server about this yesterday. Sorry for the delays, hopefully this will be resolved now.


Thank you! The build now went through.

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Hello :wave:

Last year I had the same problem with Gradle 7.5 but now the hashes for Gradle 8.0.2 are missing. Could someone please update the hashes for the build server :pray: Many thanks!

Already updated, if your app failed last cycle it will build fine this one: running - F-Droid Monitor

Thank you! :+1: