Budget and Donations (Monero suggestion)?

Some questions related to deciding how much and how to donate, and why.

From the opencollective budget section: Today’s balance: $11,499.12 USD, Estimated annual budget:~ $11,889.84 USD

From opencollective updates: $10k was received from Mozilla,

From descriptions of levels: “If everyone who used F-Droid could tip in with $1 a month” we’d have stable support.

Q: Are there really only ~1k f-droid users ($12k/$12 per year per user)?

And, Did Mozilla really fund 83% ($10k/$12k) of the annual budget?

From opencollective updates: f-droid is participating in alpha test of bitcoin donations.

Q: Has Monero been considered, why isn’t it an option, why was bitcoin chosen?

A couple videos I thought were interesting, which say Monero is more consistent with what I understand to be f-droid’s values:

Dr. Daniel Kim on Fiat, Bitcoin, Monero, 2008-Dec. 2019:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu_QH6oi7oA (~90 minutes, Start from ~3:31:20)

If that wasn’t enough… Additional 45 minutes discussion on Monero Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-IaI5_fKeY

“Monero is what bitcoin noobs thought they bought.”

PS. I didn’t find non-youtube options…

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Bigger funders are indirect, like Open Tech Fund (bazaar label in the gitlab trackers), NLnet PET0 (TtT in the trackers) and ISC Project (linguine in the trackers). Some of the swap/earby work was funded by Internews and the Mozilla WINS Challenge. Those are via Guardian Project and other orgs. Then someone still needs to put the back filings of F-Droid Limited into Open Collective so we can get a good history of donations. Anyone can download those from the UK government, and compile them into something easy to import to OpenCollective. That would be a great contribution.

As for X cryptocurrency, they generally require more work to convert to real money than we get in donations in that currency.

back filings of F-Droid Limited

I took a quick look. The only numeric filings I saw were some annual balance sheets. Nothing with income or costs details.

Cryptocurrency: Just spend it, don’t convert? (But it is all about work)

seems like coalating anything there is in those filings would be
worthwhile, even if just annual numbers. It would give people an idea
of the shoestring budget we operate under :slight_smile:

Seems less useful than you expect, and is old (missing 2019-2020), but a summary it is. Note: Some category descriptions changed from year to year, so the final (2018) terms were used and matched to previous data with judgement. Creditors particularly changed from less than to more than a year until due, but “W/E.” :smiley: It appears to say you kept little, but slowly increasing cash accounts, and almost negligible debt or accounts due. File is a zip of an ods, because ods would not upload.balance-sheets-2014-2018.zip (9.2 KB)

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