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Good day.
I do not speak English proficiently, so I have to use machine translation:
I would really like for the F-Droid to have the Fenix ​​browser:, I read on GitHub about the problems associated with adding this browser:
On another forum, beta testers write that the about: about menu and the addition of extensions have already appeared in nightly builds.
I have two phones, on one : Samsung-Google-Android OS, on another : AOSP LineageOS and as a store I use only F-Droid.
After using Chromium and WebView browsers, Fennec F-Droid seems too slow even on powerful hardware (I really like Fennec F-Droid, I have it installed and I use it often), and Fenix ​​can be compared in terms of speed of opening websites with Chromium and WebView browsers (WebView browsers are vulnerable to various JavaScript attacks, so I rarely include JavaScript in them).

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Seems Fenix is still considered as unfinished , apparently you can give a try here (Gecko 70):

Comes with

  • Adjust
  • Firebase Analytics
  • Leanplum

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