Browser Downloader?


Using Vanadium.

Unsure if that has much of anything to do with it.
I have yet to find a good downloader via the android.

I know there is no comparisons to a Windows but there is IDM. Which is damn good. Super fast and never fails.

Is there an Android equivalent to something like that ?
Or has anyone found a way for it to work via android ?

This would be amazing.

Thank You!

Download Navi | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository works fine afaik

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Yes, Download Navi works fine for me. Only issue is the FoogleDrive downloads, which may at times not show up properly there, but it works.

Is there a bit of a tutorial on how Nvi ?

Sorry – its kind of confusing. I tried to download a link off a site and all it did was download the web address.

Is there a browser integration ?

Just “Share to” Navi

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