Broken search of f-droid website why? plus has no categories and really bad design compared to android app, is this intentional?

how come the official website of f-droid does not work accurately? try searching for some terms and you will see how strange results pop up all the times.

and the design and categories? there are none!!

It’s definitely not intentional if the website search has issues, but also, the F-Droid app of course has higher priority.

Categories are shown if you press “Apps” in the left top on the homepage: | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

The issue tracker for the website search is here: Issues · F-Droid / Website Search · GitLab

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Thank you for you reply but…

Homepage here is designed with a giant banner to install the app and I get that part as it’s how it is represented but then again the design language is really not to the mark imo. Just look at the size of each thing. The huge phone mock up, F-Droid log itself!

Also, Apps page too looks so backward and poorly made with vertical alignment which is more painful to navigate resulting in more scrolling and the side bar to the right again has search bar has donate, news, latest apps menu and these are present on all pages too.

You should go for same layout already present on mobile app and yes, the search is broken! For example, try the word browser and it will fetch apps with similar word and that expands to a file browser too which is technically correct but as you can now understand that in most cases we are asking for web browser and not a file manager.

An app store is about different apps first and then all these things. Here, we are welcomed with really confusing order of navigation.

Please don’t mind my harsh language. I am all calm, especially I saw that 2048 is in the phone mock up. :slight_smile:

Not quite sure I’d call this behaviour broken. Sounds like full-text search to me.
How do you think the search should behave?

Search is, how can I say this but kinda “dumb” and not smart to understand user intent unless we provide very specific keywords. Should opt for more fine tuned results. Technically it is all correct but we need a more fine tuned approach which can understand better.

Another example, search for Email. There you should see a mixed but a overall good result. Here too an app named Organic Maps Offline Hike, Bike, GPS Navigation is present out of nowhere and totally unrelated. My guess is since their description has words referring to email, the search mistook it for an email app.

Another option would be to provide users with two choices, one where they can search using matching names of apps with email in their name and or title only. Second option, where users can choose to include entire app description to search from which is happening right now.

Have at it. F-Droid / Website · GitLab

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