Every few months the old man tinkers with Briar. I have separate accounts on two different phones. (I use to get my wife involved with my tests/experiments but a second phone is cheaper than a divorce. I’m joking but she was glad when I got that 2nd phone.) I can communicate only through WiFi. Am I wrong in thinking that Briar should work with only Bluetooth enabled absent WiFi? No need to elaborate but if I’m trying to do the impossible I need to know. Otherwise I will eventually figure out what I’m doing wrong. (I hope I’m not out of line by asking here. But, alas, I’ve had decades and decades and decades of experience being out of line.)

I don’t know if the Briar developers check the F-Droid forum, so you might have more luck on their issue tracker. There are already a lot of open issues about Bluetooth.

Apologies. Thanks! I’ll check it out.

Wow. After looking over the issues it’s no small wonder I’m having problems. I think I’ll uninstall it under more roaches (no wait. Bugs? Yes, bugs) are squashed.

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