Brain training games

I used to play this a lot but have removed it due to privacy issues

It offers 5 kinds of brain training:
memory, attention, flexibility, speed of processing, and problem solving

I know there are some decent memory training games here on FDroid like Memory
Are there other kinds of brain training games here? (like attention, flexibility, etc)
To be more specific:
One attention game on Lumosity is about directing different colours of trains to their respective station within a few minutes. It trains your attention, speed of processing.
Quite an intense game

Would love to play a FOSS version of this
Or are there similar ones on Linux? (if I may ask here)

Many, many. Search is your friend, but it may take playing a (cough) game with the search to find what you want. Game category + search word in F-Droid app may be a place to start, or web search, patiently.

I searched before asking :slight_smile: but only found memory related games so far. (You’re right many and sadly I don’t have the time to go through them all)
So would like to ask here

You might try Puzzles by Chris Boyle. It has 39 single player logic games. Untangle is an interesting game to solve.


Any language training app is a brain training app.

Thanks! That’s what I’ve been looking for

True but I’d prefer non linguistic ones

'Glad to be of help. Mines is another game that I quite enjoy from Chris Boyle’s Puzzles collection.

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Ah the classic mines. I’ll try that one too!
Having 39 games to play in one app is a luxury
Can’t thank you enough~

Btw it seems like I’ve seen something similar when looking for games on Linux

This is really amazing idea 39 games in one place
I am going to implement it

HamTrainer HAMtrainer | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

is a great, all offline, educational, brain trainer, if you have any interest in radio and electronics.

Disclaimer: Developed on microsoft’s github, a non-free, proprietary network “service”.

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