Board of Directors meeting - 2024-06-27

The next meeting of the F-Droid Board of Directors will be held at 16:00 UTC on Thursday the 27th of June, 2024. Further details, including the full agenda, will be posted here a few days before the meeting. This meeting will be held to replace the cancelled meeting which was scheduled for Thursday the 20th of June, 2024.

If you have a topic you would like to bring directly to the attention of the Board, please mention it in this forum thread, or add it to the ‘Community Engagement’ section on the meeting’s Etherpad .

Video conference URL:

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Board meeting - further information

Meeting time: 2024-06-27 - 16:00 to 17:00 UTC

Video conference URL:

Meeting notes Etherpad:

Apologies received

  • Morgan Lemmer-Webber is expected be unable to attend due to ongoing commitments.
  • Matthias Kirschner will be unable to attend.


Agenda is the same as the cancelled 2024-06-20 meeting except for community engagement topics.

  • 0m-5m Approve minutes from previous meeting(s)
  • 5m-20m Community Mediation Subcommittee topics (Juliana)
  • 20-35m Governance Subcommittee topics (Sebastian)
  • 35m-45m Community Engagement: F-Droid attitude towards DivestOS on forums etc.
    • It would be good for the board to look at censorship at f-droid forums, promoting DivestOS, and banning or going along with banning people in xmpp channels, by Licaon Kter. I represent, and have been censored and banned. I believe it is because I do not go along with promoting DivestOS.

    • Clarification: is this a forum ban appeal and/or a wider request?
  • 45m-50m Community Engagement: Legal organization
    • May be covered earlier in the meeting (Governance Subcommittee topics)

Note to those following this thread: I have updated the agenda copied from the 2024-06-20 meeting and included the ‘community engagement’ topics requested on the Etherpad.