Board of Directors meeting - 2024-05-16

The next meeting of the F-Droid Board of Directors will be held at 16:00 UTC on Thursday the 16th of May, 2024. Further details, including the full agenda, will be posted here a day or two before the meeting.

If you have a topic you would like to bring directly to the attention of the Board, please mention it in this forum thread, or add it to the ‘Community Engagement’ section on the meeting’s Etherpad.

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Board meeting - further information

Meeting time: 2024-05-16 - 16:00 to 17:00 UTC

Video conference URL:

Meeting notes Etherpad:

Apologies received

  • Michael Downey will not be able to attend the meeting. As a result, there will be no financial report this month.

  • Andrew Lewman will be on a flight and therefore may have difficulty attending.


  1. 0m-5m Approve minutes from previous meeting(s)

  2. 5m-20m Subcommittee charter template and policy for subcommittee leadership selection

  3. 20m-30m Fundraising subcommittee (goals and deliverables)

  4. 30m-40m Community moderation subcommittee (next steps, roles of board members as mediators)

  5. 40m-50m Technical responsibilities

  • Topic described by Matthias via email
  • Formal clarification of responsibilities for different technical aspects of F-Droid
  • Approval of funding for hardware for secure system administration tasks
  1. 50m-60m Community engagement
  • No requests submitted in advance; if no last-minute requests, will continue technical responsibilities discussion or close early