Bluewallet has disappeared from f-droid

I remember downloading the app BlueWallet ( from f-droid some months ago. It works well enough and I don’t have any complaints. I suggested it to someone, told them it was in f-droid and was going to offer a link to the f-droid site for the app listing. It isn’t there anymore. I did a search for it in a search engine and it is listed but the link takes me to a 404. The URL returned by the search engine is:

Does anyone know why this has happened? Was this a mistake?

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BlueWallet has been disabled because proprietary code was found in it: bluewallet - disable tainted (9e875612) · Commits · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

It can be re-enabled once this issue gets resolved.

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Thank you for your response. How disappointing that this happened.

Subscribe to Release on F-Droid (0.1 btc bounty) · Issue #233 · BlueWallet/BlueWallet · GitHub

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