Block/Ignore an app's updates?

There’s at least one app in the F-Droid repos I have installed, but never want to update. Since it has updates available, I see it every time I view available updates and of course can’t click “update all”. Yalp store has the option to ignore updates for a specific app (3 dots, by the app’s name, check “ignore updates”). Is there a way to do this in F-Droid?

It’s the same in F-Droid, you just have to click on the app first. Yalp probably copied that feature from F-Droid.

That is good to know. Added permissions often stops me from updating apps that work just fine without the new permissions. One app just added location without adding any function to the app or benefit to the end user. Thanks. I won’t be bothered with a future notification to update it.

Great! Thanks for the help.

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