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After considering moving totally away from Google and their services, one that eludes me is getting a watch that is similar to what Samsung and Apple have, but where you don’t have to login or create a Google account to link your phone to your watch to install an app for functionality. Does anyone have a suggestion on a watch that will work on a BlackBerry Motion device, or BlackBerry KeyOne/Two? Using F-Droid has helped in ensuring that there are alternatives, but the watch is one that is new.


May be helpful:


I think you should have a look at AsteroidOS.


Thank you. So, basically all that would need to be done is to reformat just about any watch device and install the AsteroidOS? I know how to install Linux on computers, but never even owned a smart watch before, so not sure how easy that would be to do. My main goal is to find a watch, and then get a non-proprietary OS like you suggested.


Note that AsteroidOS is only compatible with some watches (see the list here) and that support varies (I personally have a Sony Smartwatch 3 and vibration does not work for example) so you should have a look at each watch page to see what exactly is supported.

Install is pretty easy if you are used to the commandline, you just need to run a few fastboot commands to flash the image on the watch. However, I am pretty sure doing that voids the warranty of most watches.


Thank you for the info. I did buy a SONY smartwatch, and will give it a try. However, not too familiar with flashing a watch, though it does have a USB port.

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