Bitcoin Wallet app installed with F-droid. Play store wants to update

I installed the Bitcoin app ( Version 7.18 (418) - Added on 2019-09-05 : ) with F-droid.

It was on a freshly installed rom. A few days later I installed Google Play to download the app from my bank. And it tells me there’s an update for Bitcoin Wallet (v7.22). Same thing happened previously on my old phone.

How can this be? I just want the app to update through F-droid. And how can I prevent this from happening? I searched the forum and found that this shouldn’t be possible.

And it works? Android security says that it shouldn’t…

If it’s one of those reproducible one then yes…that’s a feature indeed. :+1:

Thanks for looking into this! I noticed indeed that f-droid did not have the latest version.
Is there a way to prevent Google play to look at the apps that I installed with F-droid?

I read this topic:


Totally wrong: I just updated Bitcoin Wallet to version 7.22 with google play. And that bothers me, because if an app is on F-droid, I want to update using F-droid.

I’m not that interested in why this particular version of Bitcoin Wallet did not make it to F-droid, but find it very confusing as a user that I install the app through store A, and store B wants to update it.

User case with Yalp Store: If I don’t whitelist the apps from Play$tore I will get the update for many apps that I have from F-Droid.
Devs, help me here: if app name is the same, *$tore app will update for it
(automatically if enabled) :flushed:

TL,DR.:update your apps only though F-Droid :grinning:

Not the name…the appID

No they can’t update…unless they’re reproducible builds, as the topic one.

I thougt I’ve seen those updates… my bad.

Fdroid installed apps will show up in yalp, they’re offered but should not install unless under typical conditions.
There are work arounds that allow an update to install no matter what, by disabling package signiture check; Lucky patcher or an exposed module do offer this. Some use it unknowinglynthat it’s not recommended for security reasons.

I use Aurora Store it is an alternative play store like Yalp. Having a filter feature that removes installed Fdroid apps from the aurora store installed app list which stops update notices and offers a blacklist too.

A user can disable the update feature but that thing called “convenience” goes to the wayside.
You can turn off Google play store notifications AND turn off auto-update in Play store settings. Then opt to check for updates manually; or use an alternative play store (ie.Aurora store) to offer updates.
If you are rooted, titanium backup app has a feature that detaches marketplace links from the play store.

Keep in mind that Google app store was designed to be the only store on a device. F-droid will not be able to circumvent it’s features without creating a securing issue.

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