Bitcoin app which can import Electrum seed

Hi all,

As a user of Electrum I don’t have access to my Bitcoin anymore, as the software is outdated and the website unavailable. That leaves me with the choice to buy a computer that is more expensive than the amount of bitcoin that I have, so that I can run Bitcoin Core, so I won’t, and searching further.

Which leaves me at the mercy of the F-droid community.

I tried several apps, does somebody have experience with an F-Droid app that is capable of importing bitcoin from Electrum?

Thank you.

Hi a-o,
The first rule of fight club appears to be, don’t talk about fight club.

Last I checked, F-Droid does have BTC wallets but I cannot vouch for any yet. Its an area I’m very interested in, the reading and research involved is large. If electrum is a wallet that uses a twelve word seed then I think I remember seeing one on here, yes. You’ll need to find it. I think have a list of recommended wallets too.

Good luck!

I read about two open-source wallets recently, wasabi and samourai, neither are on F-Droid and I cannot remember exactly why. Build tools for Samourai are not vetted, if memory serves.

The thing is @a-o doesn’t need just “some Bitcoin client” – but a Bitcoin client that can import his Electrum wallet. AFAIR Electrum uses a different algorithm for its seed, so as I understand it, importing that seed into some other Bitcoin client doesn’t lead to importing your Electrum wallet. I may be wrong here, and gladly stand corrected if someone can confidently point that out (and back it, so it’s not just an “I think”).

Hi Izzy,

I explained that I could only provide limited assistance. If you know more about seed compatibility issues then it’s good that you came here to impart your additional knowledge on the subject. It is worth remembering that different people have different experience levels, especially with cryptos.

Hi @a-o, its appears that you might need to do some searches re electrum seed compatibility. It appears that Electrum has not always adhered to (bitcoin improvement proposal) BIP39. You may not have any other option but to control your keys temporarily with Electrum. You might only need to control those keys in Electrum for an instant because you can send the funds to another wallet immediately. This is not finance advice, of course.

You may get more and better answers contacting the community that code at Also if Electrum is outdated and their website is down, as you’ve stated in your op, then contacting them to update the site is of double importance.

Feel free to tell us how you go. I was genuinely interested in Electrum, even though it’s not on F-Droid. I did read once that the Electrum team were close to releasing an Android app, so I’m surprised and a bit disappointed by the events you outlined in your post.

Sorry I could not help you more.

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