Better Dialer then simple dialer

Well use simple dialer .But is really slow and crashes a lot. Need a better dialer.Can anyone give a better suggest.
I also need a better file manager. Not satisfied with the current one .

Koler ( still in development, so would find aseveral bugs Use and report them to improve the app.

Nice 1st impression. But features are limited. I would love to see dark theme and for now this is default. Thanks.Nice project.when will the update be available in f-droid!

I’d like to see a dialer that cannot be bypassed by other apps - IOW any attempt by another app to direct dial a number such as contacts, SMS app, caller ID, etc. must go thru the dialer. Also a number is not dialed unless a call number button is deliberately pressed. For me this is a common sense security issue to not bypass the dialer when calling a number.

On Android, any app that has the android.permission.CALL_PHONE permission can make a phone call without going through the default dialer.

If you don’t like that behavior, you can choose to not install apps beside your dialer that have that permission.

Note that this is a dangerous permission (as listed on the website) which means that on newer versions of Android an app has to get permission from the user before the permission is granted. So, if you are running Android 6.0 (API 23) or newer, all you have to do is not grant the permission when prompted to apps you don’t want to be able to initiate a phone call.

As for file managers, I use Material Files and Explorer. Though, Explorer is from play store and not f-droid. But I don’t know any other multi pane manager that is open source and could compete. Explorer is the sister app from well known Root Explorer. I would prefer an open source multi pane explorer, but there is noone like it. If Material File would be multi pane, that would be great.

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