Best way to isolate and restrain an app?


I need to install a proprietary app and I would like to limit it as much as possible. I am running unofficial Lineage 18.1 and the app is a crypto-trading app. The reason for installing is because using the website version is extremely/painfully slow and mobile-data-hungry in both Bromite and Fennec (even with NoScript and uBlock). I am hoping the app will actually work better.

My plan so far is:

  1. Use Shelter to isolate the app in work profile;
  2. Use Adaway in VPN mode in work profile with as many lists as possible (would it be better using the hosts file? Is it possible to use adaway that way in the work profile?)
  3. Download the app through Aurora and scan it with ClassySharks before installing (so I know what I am dealing with, any way I can cross that information with a hosts file that will improve Adaway?)

Any other ideas or steps I can take to restrain it even more?
Also, what should be the better way to configure Adaway?

Thanks in advance for all the help!

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Sounds like an OK plan.
You can use my HOSTS list: Dnsbl - Divested Computing
And be sure to set whatever DNS VPN you use to be always-on.

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I ended up trying the app, and the app is also very slow, I guess my old phone it not capable of handling the poor coding quality of the Crypto Platform I am using :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
Anyway, I learned a lot in this process, and for that it was a good experience.
For helping others, here is a tip:

I have afwall installed, and it was blocking internet access to the apps, which meant I could launch the proprietary app, let it try to connect, and then go to Adaway check the log and see which domains it was trying to connect to (some were not necessary but were not blocked by Adaway, so I blocked those manually).
Also, running the ClassySharks beforehand allowed me to already have an idea of how many trackers I was going to deal with.
All in all, I strongly prefer NOT to use any proprietary apps. But I feel now that if needed, this could be a good way to deal with their presence.
However, what I really need is a FLOSS app to trade crypto coins :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can use New User.
A new user should not have access to anything from the owner user and vice versa.

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The downside of new user is it can’t easily be stopped without a reboot.
GrapheneOS and DivestOS let you completely stop additional users via a button on their lock screen.
(Actually a built in AOSP feature, but gated behind managed profiles)

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