Best google map alternative on F-Droid

I’m sure this has been asked a dozen times but couldn’t find a straight answer on search so would appreciate your take on it. Thanks

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I have been using Osmand~ for years now and I am very happy!
:white_check_mark: offline Maps & navigation
:white_check_mark: Route recording/export/import
:white_check_mark: in-app plugin for contributing to openstreetmap

:x: need to pre-download and store maps
:x: no live traffic info
:x: route calculation sometimes slow or sub-optimal


Thanks does this also use GPS?

Yes, of course

Ok got thanks again

Magic Earth is a good choice, free and OpenStreetMap solution (but not open-source).

OsmAnd~ work, but not easy to use and slow.

I tried to install this Osmand on my S5, i noticed that the battery drains very quickly unlike ViewRanger which i have use for almost 8 yrs. I did not have a problem with the battery drain.

Hi Reno a. Thanks. The only issue I have with closed source is that one can assume that as an additional source of income they will collect data and sell. I know one bonus it doesn’t belong to Google but difficult to guess what is going on behind the scene…

It uses whatever location provider is available.

Your android OS can have several location providers registered. The most common one is the GPS location provider. But there is also one that uses cellular data, wifi and or Bluetooth data to determine location. The ladder ones are from Google AFAIK.
Ofc you can use microG for a Foss implementation.

Good info thanks

Hi David

I use openmultimaps, it uses gps and can use a variety of diffent map layers.


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