Best free alternative to Microsoft Office apps

Hello everyone! I’m looking for an office suite for my Samsung Galaxy M51. I have always had some sort of prejudice against Microsoft apps so what I need is a decent alternative. I ended up discovering the following apps: WPS Office, SmartOffice, Polaris Office, OfficeSuite and ONLYOFFICE Documents.

Has anyone used any of these apps? Which is the best one?

Do you know collabora office? It’s open-source.

I have heard about Collabora but never tried it. Is it worth installing?

I only use it rarely but it always has done what I wanted it to do :slight_smile:

This looks quite nice and the source code seems publically available.

Why is there no F-droid build of it?

I wonder why Firefox is not available too.

There is another open source office app.
AndrOpen Office

There is Fennec F-Droid which is described like this:
"Fennec F-Droid is based on the latest Firefox release (codenamed Fenix).
It has proprietary bits and telemetry removed, but still connects to
various Mozilla and Google services that can track users. "


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