Best call blocker

I need an up to date and still maintaining app for taking control over all incoming phone calls, by allowing me to block unknown numbers, contacts not in my phone, spam(no problem if it doesn’t provide spam filtering). Anybody know one ?

Yest another call blocker (out of date)
No phone spam (out of date & seems discontinued)
Sanity (out of date & seems discontinued)

There is Silence | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

And my brand new Carrion should be on soon: divested-mobile/Carrion: Reject calls failing STIR/SHAKEN -


It only work in usa & canada or worldwide.

the database part is US focused afaik

the STIR/SHAKEN part should be global, depending on your device and TelCo support unfortunately


@SkewedZeppelin, how do I sign up to beta test?

add the Divest repo: DivestOS Official

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metadata/us.spotco.carrion.yml · 2d57123c5f02131aeca2a49b79ff93d18430d609 · F-Droid / Data · GitLab


Am not a US citizen. Also that app is too complex and unable to understand anything. Even there is no settings. Just downloading the database, that’s it.

It is, when it works it works, when not… there’s nothing to see or signal.

read the info: divested-mobile/Carrion: Reject calls failing STIR/SHAKEN - :person_shrugging:

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OOC, how is this database generated/gathered?

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Th e Fossify Phone app has settings which can block unknown numbers and numbers not in the phone book, but as far as I can tell it has no spam filter.

I use OpenContacts. Same no option.
But the database I have of my own blocked ones is almost 900 numbers.

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It looks like Silence also has stir / shaken, or at least it looks like it based on some screenshots. Can you share what is different about the implementation in your app?

Also, what’s the purpose of the local DB in your app vs not?

Thanks in advance

Silence will use verified STIR/SHAKEN to allow the call if it would otherwise be blocked by eg. disallowing unknown callers.

Carrion always blocks calls failing STIR/SHAKEN, always allows verified ones, and can optional either silence or block unverified calls.

The database is just a bonus that blocks known likely robocallers which were reported to the FTC.


thanks, that makes sense!

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