Been using Android for 6 years but have only just discovered F-Droid!


I started using Android when I bought my Galaxy Note 1 - I immediately rooted the phone and started trying out custom ROMs - I can’t believe it has taken me all this time to find F-Droid! - it is a great app and site!

I have finally upgraded (to a Google Pixel 2XL) and again, I immediately rooted the phone and installed SSHDroid and a few other must-haves. I have been interested in how the battery compares to the relatively disappointing experience I had with removable Note 1 batteries and so I discovered:

dumpsys battery

and then I wrote a little script to dump the output into appropriately time-stamped text files. Then I found that Android does not have a crond by default - I didn’t want the overkill of installing BusyBox so I went looking for a light crond and found it here!

This looks like a great community so I will look at the other stuff that people have done now - I have simple needs so I won’t be installing hundreds of apps but I miss the flexibility of the Linux CLI so I am hoping to find lightweight apps that patch up the Android holes . .

Thanks for all your work!



You’re welcome!

I miss the flexibility of the Linux CLl

You can have it on your phone:

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@relan ,

I am looking at termux now but (besides it being OS and on F-Droid) why is that any more useful than other terminal emulators? You still need to install something like BusyBox to get most of what is missing from Linux . .

Termux isn’t just a terminal emulator, it’s also a software repository. See

Right . . hmm . . I didn’t want to install BusyBox . . just isolated programs as needed - like I did for crond here. I want to know what I am installing and there are duplications with some of the “standard” android and BusyBox utilities:

  • I will have a closer look . .


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