BatteryBot (non-pro-version) has false claim about alarm feature

Hi folks,

The BatteryBot app has a claim in its description about having an alarm feature. I tried it out. The alarm feature is only in the PRO version (or you have to pay for it).

I recommend either removing that part of the sentence or put it under a heading that says, “Pro feature”

If theres a free beer app that chimes out when a phone gets hot this might be a place to include that also.

Do open an issue or merge request on fdroiddata

I’m not signed up there, but will add to the list.

BatteryBot Pro is also on F-Droid. You don’t have to pay for it if you get it from F-Droid (although I’m sure the author would appreciate a donation) and I think it has the full functionality of alarms.

Maybe F-Droid could add a link to the (free) pro version from (free) free version description, but I haven’t seen those links in other similar situations, dunno

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